Instinctive Archery Insights: Revised Edition
Jay Kidwell, Ph.D.

Instinctive Archery Insights has dramatically improved the accuracy and confidence of thousands of archers around the world.  Written by a professor of psychology who has a passion for instinctive shooting.  This book contains powerful and effective information, not found in any other text, that will quickly increase your accuracy and boost your confidence.

New to the Revised Edition is a chapter dedicated to Dr. Kidwell’s work regarding the development and treatment of target panic.  Based on years of research and experimentation, it is the most accurate work on the subject to date and the intervention has proven 100% successful with archers at all skill levels.  Most are reporting that the intervention allows them to experience relief from target panic in the first session and archers without target panic are reporting that the interventions have dramatically increased their control and accuracy.

Dr. Kidwell’s archery instruction is focused on increasing consistency and accuracy to make the any shooter consistently accurate.

A Standard Reference for all Archers

Read by Archers in More than 14 Countries

Available in German and Estonian

Used as a University Text for Archery and Sports Psychology

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